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  • This place.... is hopping.
    Dec 9 '16
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  • Hello!!
  • Apr 21 '16
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  • RIP Lemmy...
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    I want to make this.
  • Sleeping Bear Dunes needs to be on everyone's bucket list
    This is the first video to be released by Great Lakes Aerial Imaging ( It is a montage of ecological beauty from around the Grand Traverse Region. GLAI will continue to focus on locations of ecological, cultural, and geological interest throughout the Grand Traverse Region and the Great Lakes Basin. GLAI's focus is not only ecological beauty, but of the impacts that human activity has on the land. Of particular interest are sites of biological importance, habitat management, and environmental damage. Feel free to donate by using Vimeo's Tip Jar button. Any funds received will go toward capturing photos and video of Great Lakes ecology for educational and archival purposes. All flying was done in a very safe, controlled, and careful manner. The pilot was careful to avoid disturbing wildlife as well as human visitors. Music: Don't Get Any Closer by Eluvium Please visit if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
    Aug 3 '15
    Sorry, there is no video here.
    Either it was deleted or it never existed in the first place. Such are the mysteries of the Internet.
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    What's up with the blue bird?
    Jul 23 '15
    I am amazed he hasn't dropped bird turds all over my screen. He sure doesn't want to sit still.
    Jul 23 '15
    One dropping and he's done.
    Jul 28 '15
    Tweeting shit, and shitting tweet.
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    Jul 22 '15
    Not gonna lie.. It was gross once I realized I was wading through 2" fish bodies that were nothing more than the head, backbone and tail. But it was clear once I was past that line of them. Stormy weather stirs that up in the Great Lakes.
    Jul 22 '15
    I'd have walked on water to get out of there as fast as I could.
    Jul 29 '15
    When I was washing the dirt off my clothes from my mud run. I had a dead minnow float past me. I didn't realize minnow or even fish were in our lake.
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  • I stopped listening before the change
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    Jul 22 '15
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    Getting lost in work and losing life
    Came across this post on Facebook.  It delivers a message that I'm sure a lot of people can relate to.
    Jul 22 '15
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